What is this place?

My name is Eric Eshleman, probably.

I frequent a part of Reddit called, simply, “Writing Prompts“. Here, you post anything that might inspire writing. A premise, a situation, a setting, a picture, even audio clips. This part of Reddit has inspired me to write a lot of short fiction, and even a smidge of quasi-non-fiction.

I’ve established and will maintain this blog primarily to archive the stories I’ve posted to /r/WritingPrompts. Constructive criticism and comments are both very welcome; I will try to reply to everyone with an opinion to offer. I may not like hearing it, I may argue against it, but I will hear it, and I will consider it.

For those of you wondering, I won’t commit to a rigid ‘release schedule,’ but I will try and get something up at least every week. You can ‘follow’ this page for updates when I add posts.

Last but not least, thanks for exploring this far, and taking an interest in the worlds that I’ve discovered inside me.

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