A change of pace.

This isn’t a story.  I just want to let any regulars know that I’m changing up my schedule.

You may have noticed I didn’t post anything yesterday, and I won’t today, either.  I’ve caught up with my previous work on /r/WritingPrompts, and am going to go to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.  It’s been a story a day a while, but it’s been stretching my capacity to write and edit fast enough to keep up.  Rather than miss posts later, I’ve decided to throttle back now.  I’ll schedule ‘bonus’ stories if I begin backing up, though.

A further note – I’ll be on vacation from Tuesday the 15th to Tuesday the 22nd, so I may miss a post here and there.  I will have a laptop with me, but don’t expect to have a lot of time to use it.  I may be able to get enough stories written to keep releasing up to the 25th, but don’t count on it.

Author: Ash Ericsson

I'm not real.

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