Hello there.

Where am I, and who are you?

I write some stuff.  I like to frequent /r/WritingPrompts on Reddit.  It’s a very civil place, based around a simple concept.  Post a setting, premise, a picture, anything that might inspire a story.  Any reply to these posts must be a poem or story.

One example from the top 10 posts from that site is this: The year is 2040, and you are the last smoker alive. The “Quit Smoking” ads get personal.

I’m opening and maintaining this blog to archive the stories I post there.  You don’t have to share links, though I’d be gratified if you would.  You don’t have to give feedback, though again, I’d be gratified if you would.  I may not always like hearing constructive criticism, but I always process it, and sometimes, even if it takes a day or two, I change my mind, too.

I write something every couple of days.  I haven’t decided on a rigid release schedule for the blog, or even if I’ll have one, but I already have around a dozen or more stories to post, which I will do in more-or-less chronological order.

The stories here will be cleaned up a little, sometimes fully rewritten.  I will always provide the link to the original version.  My policy is never to edit the original post except for spelling and grammar errors.

Please feel free, in fact, I encourage you, to read both versions if you like something.  It’s always a question in my mind as to whether I’m trading away magic with every fix and improvement, and I thrive on the feedback of others.


Author: Eric Eshleman

I'm not real.

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